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emotional therapy of horse lovers

As we are social beings, we are also emotional beings. We are created to feel various emotions which could also vary in degree. As years have passed, there has been a rise in the number of people who are emotionally disconnected with themselves or emotionally weak. They become consumed by their feelings and emotions. This rise is more significantly evident among young people. The young people nowadays have the high tendency to become depressed.

Today, depression is becoming one of the most worrying predicaments of every society. This leads people to commit actions which are not socially and morally acceptable. It misleads people to a path that should not be taken. What adds to the worrying factor of depression is that most people who are hit by it are young people. It makes the society thinks of a lot of things such as what’s wrong, what went wrong, what happened, and what caused it. There is no exact answer and solution but we can alleviate the seriousness of the predicament.

In the past years, animal pets have been popularly used in treatments. They have called these treatments as pet therapy. With this, people are getting emotional support from animals. This has been considered effective by many experts in dealing with not just depression but also with mental challenges.

One of the animals used in pet therapy is the horse. It is known to be effective in dealing with autism, emotional trauma, mood disorders and others. Also, horse therapy is the best way to safely manage complex conditions. There are a good number of reasons horses are used in pet therapies. These are the same benefits enjoyed by horse lovers. Here are some of them:


For people who have difficulty in opening up to other people about their life and most especially their most precious secret, horses would be the best alternative for them. Through horses, these people would be able to speak out their mind freely without inhibitions. Horses could help develop their confidence and be their stepping stone in opening up to others such as therapists.

woman reading with the horse


For horse lovers and most people that have undergone horse therapy, significant changes in their social skills have been noticed. Horses are known to be good communicators which are evident in the rich meaning of their every move. In order for people to have good communication with a horse, they need to figure out and understand every move. In this way, the horse will be able to communicate with you and reciprocate your emotions.

woman communicating with the horse

In addition, horses are animals that are sensitive to behaviors and have a high level of command for respect. So, not unless horses feel you have the appropriate behavior and respect, they will not respond and collaborate with you. Horses teach people to observe voice tone and body language. Through this, horses help people to communicate with others well.


People who are experiencing depression and other emotional issues are very sensitive. It would also require another being which is sensitive. In this case, horses are suitable for them since they are capable of sensing emotions and intentions. They are usually considered as a better therapist than humans. For people who are emotionally troubled and have been exposed to horses, they have experienced acceptance from horses. And because of this, they were able to develop their communication skills.

training with the horse


These have been the experiences of people who have been emotionally troubled with horses. As it has been a life-changing experience for them, it could be assumed that they eventually become horse lovers. But, imagine for people who are simply horse lovers from the beginning. These are the things they get from their beloved horses. The love they give to their horse is reciprocated. This is probably the reason horse lovers treat their beloved horse like humans. After all, horses are even better therapists than humans.


Horse lovers benefit a lot from their beloved horses. Aside from the fun they get from riding, they also become emotionally healthy. As mentioned above, horses are great listeners, communicators, and sensitive trainers. These are things that horse lovers themselves enjoy and benefit from horses.

As we all know by now, horses are greatly used to provide therapy to people who are emotionally troubled. They are taught with a number of things which would give significant changes in their lives.

benefits of being horse lovers


Given all the above mentioned positive characteristics of horses, they, indeed, best suit to provide therapy that is undergoing depression. They can provide for the needs of depressed people. Nowadays, most people who are affected by depression are teenagers. The surge of teenagers going through depression and its effects are alarming. But, the root cause of it is most of the time unfathomable by humans. That is why experts have resorted to animals particularly horses.


Horse lovers and those who are emotionally troubled are taught to have a strong sense of responsibility. Since horses are living creatures, they need love, care, and attention. These are the same needs human beings have. People, once they are exposed to horses, would become responsible beings as horses need to be brushed, cleaned, and talked to. These are the things people are expected to do to horses.


People who become exposed to horses learn to be sensitive to the needs of their animals. As they become sensitive, they develop attachment, love, and friendship with their horses. The relationship built and established by a person towards horses would not go in vain as these animals know how to reciprocate the emotions you invest in them. There will be an unparalleled relationship established between you and your horse. The sensitivity and emotions you gain from horses could eventually be translated to humans.


In a world where deception and lies are widespread, it is difficult for people to trust. This is even more difficult for people who have experienced betrayal. Trust, once it has been given away and broken, is not easy to mend. As the saying goes “Trust is like a glass, once broken it will never be the same again.” However, this may not be as difficult as it is for horse lovers. Horses teach humans to trust. Horses can only start working with people who they have sensed trusts them. If a person desires to get close to their horses, then they must trust them. This is very helpful to people going through emotional troubles. This will benefit them in opening up themselves to others. Horses can be their training ground in developing trust. In the long run, this can be converted to trusting other people.


Having fears is a normal thing for people to have especially about things which are unknown. Riding horses could also generate fear since it could be a dangerous task. This fear could hold you back from trying and doing something. Horses can teach you to let go of your fears since once you try riding a horse, it will give you a whole new different experience. It will give you a new perspective on the life.