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gifts for horse lovers

“It is better to give than to receive.”

There are so many times in a year when people are compelled to give gifts to friends, relatives, fellow employees or colleagues or even your employer. People are expected to prepare something for their friends and loved ones during the holidays and their special days. This gift-giving tradition is most of the time mind-boggling and time-consuming. It sometimes brings agony to people thinking on what to prepare. Despite this fact, it is such an amazing thing that every time you give gifts to people, it brings euphoria. When you see people receive your gifts with a big smile on their face, there is contentment and satisfaction which arises in you.

The gift-giving tradition is generally difficult for people who do not have any idea about the interests of the person they are going to give gifts to. So, to make your life a breeze when preparing gifts for the people around you, it is important to know their interests.

There might be people around you who are horse lovers; here are some of the gifts you may prepare for them when it is gift-giving season or time. These are the gifts you won’t go wrong with.

  • Horse Blueprint

For a hardcore horse enthusiast, this horse blueprint could be one of the best gifts you may give them. This will definitely take a special place in their home. Since this is a made to order a gift, you may choose an illustration of the preferred breed of the recipient. This will highlight design specs and facts about the chosen breed. However, as it is made to order, it could be costly.

  • Mutual Affection Sculpture

This sculpture would best fit female horse lovers as it shows mutual affection between humans and animals.

girl hugging a horse

  • How to think like a horse

People who are horse enthusiast would certainly love to have this book as it provides information for understanding how horses think, and why they do and behave the way they do. It will help them know how to show more appreciation to horses.

  • Horse-opoly

Horse lovers will definitely love this horse themed game. It will give them entertainment and happiness since it highlights different horse breeds.

  • Galloping Horse Fleece Throw

This blanket will definitely please them. It will be pleasing to them since it has a big image of a galloping horse that will accompany them during the cold season.

  • Horse Jewelry Box

This box is a practical gift. It is not just designed to keep pieces of jewelry but it could also be used to store other things. It could serve different purposes. And, what makes this piece great is the horse design on top of it.

  • Gallopping Horse Figure Statue

This statue is a stunning piece that would definitely look great in the house of a horse lover.

  • Handmade Horseshoe Heart Trivet

This horseshoe heart trivet is made to serve as a protection of your wooden surfaces from objects that can damage your surfaces. The good thing about this product is that when not in use, it may serve as a decoration.

  • Full Body Saddlebred Pin

This pin can be worn every day or on special events as an accessory. This product would certainly be appreciated by horse lovers however, it is not only limited to them for use and appreciation.

  • Horses Snow Globe

Snow globes would be a perfect decoration in the room or on the desk. More importantly, this snow globe features horses in it. This would give happiness to horse lovers as they can see their loved animals within their room or on their desk.

The abovementioned things are gifts you can order online or through offline stores but if you want to make your gift more meaningful and personalized you may follow some ideas for gifts you can customize.

woman walking her horse


A lot of the horse lovers enjoy things which are related to their fixation and interest. It would be great to have ideas on what things to give them. So, if you are going to prepare a gift for a person who loves horses and you want to make your gift meaningful and extra special then the following ideas would help you.

  • Horseshoe wallet

This horseshoe wallet is a perfect gift for men. It does not only appeal to them due to the horse design but it is also very useful. This wallet is made of cowhide leather. You can make this gift with a personal touch by engraving the name of the receiver.  

  • Horseshoe leather journal

This leather made journal is a perfect and practical gift for horse lovers who also love to organize things. Since this leather journal is handmade, you can customize it by adding the name or initials of the person you are giving it to. Having it customized would definitely add meaning and thoughtfulness to your gift.

  • Custom knit horse plushie

This horse plushie is ideal for women, children and young at heart. Since this is custom made, you will be able to convey your thoughtfulness well and it will be well-received.

  • Horse side-table lamp

This side-table lamp is an excellent gift for both men and women horse lovers who are interested in home decors and who are also inclined to technology. It has a modern and rustic design alongside different LED colors and remote controlled moods.  You may also request for designs which suit the taste of the person receiving it.

  • Horse-cuff bracelet

This bracelet is ideal for horse lovers who are inclined to fashion since it has both elegant and modern designs. You can have it customized by engraving the name or initials of the recipient or having a short message inscribe in it.

  • Wire Horse Sculpture

This is a handmade sculpture ideal for people who are a horse and the same time art lovers. This sculpture has a stylish and modern design which stands at 10x18 sizes. The personalized touch comes from the fact that it is handmade. This could be used as a home decor or office decor.