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horse face drawing

All of us have gone through childhood for, of course, it is part of human nature. In this light, most of us have experienced creating our own art. We have tried drawing, painting, and creating something with our hands. We may have all been interested with the beauty and wonder of art. However, we may have also realized back then that art is not for us. We can’t simply draw something really nice. When we try to draw something, especially subjects which have life, it is just a total mess. We can’t simply draw subjects with life close to reality. We may even have tried drawing humans and animals with sticks. It just didn’t seem right.

On the other hand, there are people who have the artist within themselves. However, for some, there are still struggles in creating an artwork, especially in the beginning. It is always tough when starting or trying to do something for the first time. Nevertheless, proper guidance would help improve and ease the process of learning.

For those who seem to think that art is not for them, it may not be too late for them to learn the basics. As mentioned, proper guidance and an ample knowledge of the basic would help. There is nothing that can’t be learned. If you only put your complete focus, attention, determination, and motivation into learning, then it would not be impossible for you to learn and develop.

One particular type of art and the most common type is drawing. Everyone can draw whether good or bad. So, no one must miss the fun in drawing. Then, it is important to know where and how to start and progress in each step.

Most people who are interested in drawing have a particular favorite subject which happens to be animals most of the time. In this article, the animal that would be featured would be the horse. We will go through the steps of drawing a horse face. As it progresses, it will be about drawing the entire figure of the horse. So, let us go through this exciting journey.


horse face pencil sketch


Practice makes perfect. This is a perfect saying which can be applied to almost everything in life even in drawing. So, in drawing a horse face, it can be done perfectly in a few easy steps coupled with practice. All you need to do is to use some simple shapes to draw a horse face. Therefore, it won’t be difficult and impossible for people who think they don’t have the ability to draw.


In drawing a subject, a technique called working lines is used. They serve as a guide in the process of polishing and adding details to the drawing. This is a helpful technique most especially for beginners in making their drawing look good as these lines can be erased after the work is done since beginners would be very conscious of their work.


In creating an artwork, there are materials which can help you achieve a better output such as pencils, eraser, and paper. If you want to achieve the best result, then using good quality materials would be of great contribution to your drawing. Aside from considering the quality of the materials to be used, it is of equal importance that you are comfortable with them.


After all the drawing process, you would want to highlight the details with colors. Once again, it is essential to choose the material you are comfortable with.


horse head pencil drawing

In drawing a horse, it is important to polish the horse’s face. It would require a good sense of proportion and practice. Drawing a horse face would necessitate attention to shapes in order to showcase its beauty. You may also use a real photo of it for your reference.


You can make use of the basic shapes such as the triangle, circle, and rectangle with working lines. Draw them according to the instructions below:

  • First, draw a tilted right triangle which would be the basis for the horse’s neck.
  • Second, draw a circle overlying the triangle shape.
  • Next, draw a rectangle shape whose one end is with the circle and the other end is with the hypotenuse of the right triangle.
  • Then, add a small curve to form the top part of the neck.


Now that you have the form, you may add the following details onto your drawing.

  • Draw a semi-circle with a pointy shape of a hat for the eye.
  • Draw lines across the corners of the rectangle to shape the horse’s nose.
  • Next, draw the chin, curved nostrils and a line to indicate the mouth.
  • Then, for the throat put a slight s shape and the long flowing mane.
  • Finally, add ears to your drawing.
  1.      FINALIZE

After drawing the details, you may finalize your drawing by marking your guidelines with a permanent marker or pen. And after doing so, you may now eraser your working lines in order for you to add colors to your drawing if you wish to do.

Do not worry if you don’t get it immediately at first try. You may practice following these above steps again and again until you perfect it.

Once you have perfected drawing a horse face, you may want to proceed with learning how to draw the entire figure of a horse.


sketching of horse face


This time, you will be drawing the entire figure of the horse. We will be enamored by the beauty of this animal. The same logic applies to this drawing wherein basic shapes are still going to be used in the process.

For the neck, cheek, and muzzle, you will need to draw a triangle, circle, and a square respectively. In addition, you need to draw two straight lines for the forelegs and two bent lines for the legs at the back. You need short sloping lines for the horse’s ankles known as fetlocks and triangles for the hooves.


After laying down the framework of the horse, you may now mark them with a pen. The next steps are the following:

Together with a big inverted triangle for the upper part of the back leg, add some lines to it. And the rest of the lines will be straight.

Next, in order to form the head, you may connect the square used for the nose to the circle used for the cheek, and then add an ear/s. After this, draw an s line to connect the cheek and the neck, and then put a curve over the neck.

Then for the body part, you may square the horse's chest at the top of the foreleg. Connect the chest and hindquarters on top and underneath with lines that curve in slightly.


As you have you learned earlier the details that are necessary to be added for the horse’s face are eyes, mouth, and its nostrils. You may use a circle for the eye, a straight line for the mouth and a curved line for the nostrils.

In the case of the hooves, you may draw a line to cut in the middle of the triangles. Then add a line near the top of every triangle for the top of the hooves.

For the last detail, you may now draw the mane and tail but the style would be up to you.

final horse face drawing


Once you are on the finalizing stage, you may now erase the working lines. At this point, you are now free to use your own imagination and creativity to be put in your artwork.

As a whole, there are many ways in drawing a horse face and body. The steps and method discussed in this article are just one of the many ways. You may also explore other methods of drawing the subject.