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Life, in general, is beautiful and colorful; it is dynamic. It must be spent in full as it is also limited. You can do, try and learn a lot of things to be able to appreciate its beauty. But nowadays, in a highly globalized and advanced world, people are so engrossed with work. Most people spend if not dedicate so much time to their work. This leads them to a routine. When life becomes a routine, it drains the energy of the person and somehow it makes life dull and boring. Also, finding time to try something new or do what they used to like to become difficult.

learning to ride a horseIn order to escape the rigidity of life, people need time to relax, unwind, and do something different. This is where hobbies come in. People need to find themselves a hobby so they can escape their everyday world even for a short time. Hobbies can give you energy and motivation and it also gives you something to look forward. Having a hobby is healthy for one’s emotional and mental health.

If you are a person looking for a hobby to indulge yourself into or someone looking for a new thing to learn or do, you may want to consider learning riding a horse. But why should you learn to ride a horse? For most people, horseback riding is plainly sitting at the back of a horse and giving a command to it and voila there it goes. It is important to note that it is simply not just a hobby that is just plain fun and sitting but it has innumerable aspects which are good for people’s health and body.

Horseback riding or equestrianism as it is also called has so many benefits to offer to people who learn it. Beyond the fun and enjoyment, it also benefits the physical, mental and emotional health of the people.


  1.      PHYSICAL

Riding a horse is a physically challenging activity which can help you get and stay in shape as it is now considered in the UK as an exercise with moderate intensity. It also helps you develop balance and coordination as it requires the use of the whole body to let the horse move forward. Body awareness and the use of muscles particularly in the leg, abdominal, shoulder and back muscles are needed for the movements used to give a signal to a horse and for the riding experience itself respectively. So for beginners, it will be a tough time as they will experience sore in their inner thigh muscles but there’s no need to worry for this will lead to the strengthening and stretching of the muscles.

physical benefits of riding a horse

As mentioned, riding a horse can help you get and stay in shape due to the required muscle movements in performing the activity thus, providing you with cardio benefits. It can help you burn hundreds of calories similar to saddling and grooming. If you want to burn more calories, then, you must increase your riding speed and further your riding distance. In addition, this activity also helps the liver to function well and to have a better digestion system.  

Another good thing about riding a horse is that it is suitable for all ages. It doesn’t limit a person who wants to start learning it just by his or her age. Some other hobbies are only appropriate and best learned at a young age. As it doesn’t require any age for learning, and given that it could be a form of exercise, then it would also suit middle-aged people or even older than them. It could be their hobby and at the same time their exercise.

  1.      MENTAL

Riding a horse is not an easy task. There are many things to know and learn before you can actually sit and ride on the horse. And the learning process doesn’t end with knowing how to sit and ride on it. There are more things to learn in the world of horse riding. In addition, this activity keeps your brain active and exercised as you constantly think of many questions and ideas pertaining to it.

As mentioned, riding a horse is no easy task. So once you have mastered it or you have transcended the difficulties which come along with it, then you will have a sense of fulfillment and success. It is always a great feeling having overcome the trials, obstacles, and challenges in life. This goes the same with riding a horse. Moreover, you will be able to boost your confidence and self-esteem. As you overcome one difficulty and another, you will develop the positive attitude of not giving up easily.

  1.      EMOTIONAL

It is just amazing that an activity like horse ridinchildren riding horsesg can have an impact and influence on the emotional state of a person. For people who have indulged themselves in this activity, they find doing it as relaxing. Also, it provides people opportunities to socialize with fellow riders, instructors, employees of the barn and the rest of the horse riding community and it helps anti-social people become sociable. Moreover, this has been used in a program to help people with special needs. It has given them significant development in their interpersonal and socialization skills. As a whole, it is beneficial to the emotional state of a person.

In addition to the above mentioned 3 major benefits of riding a horse, there are more reasons why you should learn riding a horse. It teaches you more than the technique but it also teaches you attitudes which can also benefit you in your daily life.

We also recently contributed to a post on how you can best bond with your horse.


In reality, trust is very difficult to give and to gain. However, while learning how to ride, you must learn how to trust. In this endeavor, you must trust your horse about your safety which is somewhat difficult since animals by nature are unpredictable. Also, you must gain the trust of your horse to let you ride on his back.


The level of difficulty in learning to ride a hohorse backridingrse allows people to learn patience. You cannot learn riding overnight. It will take time before you can master it. You will have to do the same things again and again. You will not succeed if you are not patient enough to practice. This quality is very important in living in our society today. People are always in a rush that they get irritated when things are done slowly. But, riding a horse will help you develop patience.


There will be times that you will feel frustrated and angry because you can’t do a move or technique properly. By nature it is normal to have those feelings however, it is important to learn to control these emotions. Riding a horse will help you curb your emotions. You and your horse will have a special bond and connection to each other. So, the horse will feel your emotions. You won’t want your horse to feel your negative emotions as it will affect both of your performances.